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Tuesday 13 June 2017

The AWOL Intelligentsia

The world’s intellectuals have gone AWOL. From philosophers and theologians to sociologists and critics, our humanities scholars are no longer serving humanity. Like hypochondriacs terrified of responsibility, of facing up to themselves and reality, they wallow in spurious problems and pointless solutions to those spurious problems, while the public, unguided, is losing the knack of living well. I am a whistleblower philosopher. I know how intellectuals hoodwink the public – with impenetrable prose, hypnotic ideologies, and phoney artistry – because I used to do the same. In this blog I aim to document the failings endemic within the intelligentsia, to draw attention to the harms that are inflicted on modern society by bad ideas raining down from above. Through this exposé, I hope to inspire more people to focus on the crucial task of promoting and exemplifying wiser and more conscientious ways of living.